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Buying GTP--Black or Metallic Blue??

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Im buying a new GTP but im deciding if I like the Blue or black....The dealer and none in this area had a metallic blue to look at and compare.

Can anyone here post some pics of the metallic blue and black together..

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If you're talking about Electric Blue Metallic over Black, that's more of a personal call.

Personally, black is sexy as hell on a GTP coupe, but I also like the electric blue. Hard call.
I'd pick black...I wanted a black sedan, but had to settle for silver

Black GTP coupes are just sexy, the dealer I went to had a black coupe 6-speed, man..it was hotness!
I had a black Sunfire, and I'll never buy black again, sure they look pretty after being washed and waxed, but it always looks dirty any other time :eek:
haha--I meant Electronic Blue.

My first car was black and I had issues with dirt and swirls but the car looks great black. The Blue looks sweet as well but I have never seen one really up close are after a few days of driving.

I like the G6 the brochure because it is electronic blue on the cover page.

I think either color with a dark tint would like sexy :D
Well after a few days of deciding I got the Black GTP...

Thanks all.
ahh the electric blue is hotttttttt

but so is black. good choice!
Never can go wrong with Black but i would pick the blue i like the "check me out" if i could i would def get a color like the blue or the orange.
As an Ohio State student, this is probably the only time I'll ever say this: go blue!
Go with the blue. Black can be a pain in the ass somtimes. Don't get me wrong black looks sexy as hell on this car but I would personally go with the blue.

As I read on I see you went with black. Congrats and enjoy the car :cheers:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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