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Cabin Ari Filter?

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I forgot to ask or notice if there is a cabin air filter in the G6...is there one? I have one in my Focus and it keeps it clean for long periods of time whereas before I installed it, it sucked. I'm sure it'll do the same with the G6. If it uses one, where is it accessible?
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jp375 said:
I am thinking about buying a G6 coupe, but no cabin air filter? This is pathetic. My 04' $16,000 Honda civic has one. It keeps the vents and the inside of the car virtually dust free. I don't know about this car anymore, it just seems to be lagging behind the competition still....

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!! If I could go back to March 2005 I would have never purchased my G6. A lot of people love theirs, mine, not so much. If you're already having doubts, then by all means look at something else. They are great looking cars, but in my opinion there are too many little problems. I realize that there will be problems with most new model cars, but I've just had way too many (that have been fixed and since come back, plus some that have never been fixed). I know I should be happy that I have not had any major problems yet, but when I buy a car I don't expect to have it in the shop for anything other than oil changes and tire rotations. Just my thoughts! :rolleyes:
My Xterra had a cabin air filter and yes there is a big difference in having one and not having one. I very rarely had to clean off my dash in the Xterra and I cannot keep the dash of the G6 clean.

As for pricing, my G6 was 25000 which they are now selling for less than 20000 and the Accord, where I'm at, is selling for the same price possibly even a little less depending on the delaership. The Accord and Altima are competition for the G6, are they not?

This is not my first GM product. This is the 2nd Pontiac I've had and have had little problems with them both. I've also had 2 Nissan and no problems with them. I don't believe it's the type or the cost of the car, it's the maker. Just my opinion. :rolleyes:
I think the dust on my dash verses others not having to clean their dash may have something to do with the air. I know when I was working in Reno for a week when I got back to Tennessee I was sick b/c the air is so much drier in Reno. Tennessee's air quality has more moisture in it which I think causes dust to stick more. We can wash our cars in Tennessee and before we get them dry they'll be covered in dust. Anyone else think this may be the reason?
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