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I'm curious to the warranty aspect of getting something like a CRAB intake installed.

I'm all for improving drive ability, and I really believe in CAI's, but does anyone have experience with putting one on a brand new, under warranty car? I'm assuming the worst and that it would void some sort of warranty, but without going in to detail, there is zero chance that I would screw up this warranty.

I'd rather ask here than go to my service adviser and ask to be honest. I love forums for car owners, it's great to get a basic answer without hidden agenda's.

PS, I love the fact that you're open to help out with the intakes Lampoon, I can only imagine the time it takes up.

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I put a CAI in mine from the get go. My dealership loved it.
They know that they have to prove that it is what caused whatever problem
your there to see them about, for them to exclude the repair from warranty.
So in a nutshell- It all depends on your dealership.
You can always go to another dealership and they know it.
You can also ask them if they have any issue with it...

Now....a tune......thats different! lol
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