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Caliper Tool? anyone?

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Hey folks, its my first time changing out the rear pads. Does anyone know if I can substitute the "calipertool" with something else?

Below are some helpful links for rear pad replacement;



I've also included pics of the tool.


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Some people can manipulate needle nose pliers in there to screw it down.

The Borg tool is only $10 at your corner car parts store.
I've located one at Advanced Auto for rent. I'll buy one later I guess:eek:. (they say they're out.)
Its a nice kit for $100 but I'll return it for my money back.
Brakes are good to go now.
I did find the "Borg" tool and bought it. Like you said $9.99.
I thought about keeping the rental set but, really, I don't need it. If I worked on other cars, more than thwe two, I might justify having one but...:rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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