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Got a voicemail today from the factory in Lake Ontario checking on my satisfaction with the car. I purchased my G6 back in November. It is cool to see that they would actually care enough about the buyers to phone them. I got a ton of calls from BMW Customer Service when I owned my M Roadster and M3 but this is the first call I have gotten from a GM Brand. They said they would be calling back at a later date to check on me.

The only problems so far on the car is a paint drip overspray on the inside section of the sunroof. This wouldn't have been a problem but some one at the factory installed the wind deflector attachment piece through the middle of it thus causing a pontential rust problem later on. Tires where not balanced properly but I think the dealer can take care of this on my first oil change. 1800
miles so far and I am a happy camper.

Mike Chapman
2005 G6 V6
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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