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2006 Black GTP, 83K Miles. Second owner bought it with 67,000 miles on it. The car only had one owner previous owner. Less than 3 month later the engine blew. My aftermarket warranty and help from the Dealership got the engine replaced with a brand new 3.9 GM engine. Only other nagging issue in a Low Coolant light that comes on every time I start the car. Sometimes it goes off, sometimes it doesn't. Dealer pressure tested the system at 3 different oil changes and says there are no leaks and the coolant level is good.

Being near Chicago, it's time to start putting the top down and hoping for the best. Is there any preventative maintenance that should be performed in the Spring? Lubrication? Anything? Can't find any mention of such a process online.
I am stunned that all across the country that there doesn't seem to be, within GM dealership's no technically sound technicians
What model and year? Maybe we could help each other if we know who the convertible owners are in one thread
I have a gray 06 GTP convertible with approx.56000 miles
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