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I want to paint my callipers yellow. but i have a few questions before i screw it all up : )

does it matter what kind of paint it is?
and how exactly do i go about painting them? (i will be doing it myself)

any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Good choice on color. ;)

I use the G2 caliper paint. It has a hardener you mix in with it.

Just put your car on stands. Pull the wheels. Clean the calipers. Let dry.
Spray with the degreaser that comes with your G2 kit. Allow to dry.
Tape up around the calipers where you dont wanna paint - like the pad area
thats exposed and the rubber grommets. Once all 4 are taped up mix your paint. Then have fun. Dont worry about the lines from the brush. When that paint hardens it smooths out like powdercoating. When you r done go back over each one and use as much of the paint as you can as after an hour or so it will be like a rock due to the hardener. Then wait an hour or so and peel your tape off. let it sit for as long as you can to harden. You can put the wheels back on but be careful not to touch them to the caliper as the interior of the wheels is usually pretty nasty. You can take that time to clean them...?
Anyways allow it a day (if you can) to fuly harden before cruising.

I have a few good shot of when I did my wife's Mustang if you wanna see it...principal is the same.

here is the G6:


The Mustang:

After it was dried I painted the pony on....

Anyway it takes a bit of time but its easy cheesy. Just take your time in prep (tape) and make sure its cleaned good and it will come out looking great.

be sure and post up some snaps when your done or document it as you goso you can write up a "How To" for the next guy. ;)
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Nice touch on the Stang Robert.
Thank you so much for all the help:)
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