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can i ask a silly question?

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is the trim V6 and trim GT the same thing? i think the engines are the same (LX9 for 05-06, LZ4 for 07 and newer), then what different?:confused:
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They both use the same engine, but the GT has an upgraded suspension over the V6, as well as tap-shift and a stainless (or chrome) exhaust tip (not sure which one it is), and probably a few other things
Having a GT tells the world you're serious about performance and style :glasses3:

Having a V6 tells the world you've got an engine in the car :blah:

OK Born2ski's answer was much better than mine :(
thx guys, i knew there always gonna be an answer to my question on this site.
GTP has 3.9 pushrod engine different ratio than the base. Optional GTP embroidery leather seats, performance suspension, dual stainless exhaust, tap shift, 18 inch wheels standard, brake rotor upgrade than base. monsoon sound system stock.
V6 - 3.09 final
GT V6 - 3.29 final

GT adds bling (chrome) along with specific wheels and as mentioned, the tapshift transmission which was the selling point for me.

I'm not an ass man, so I can't say for sure what my exhaust tip looks like. As long as they remain functional, that's all that matters.

The V6 for 2007+ models gained about 20hp and a few pound feet of torque.
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