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Hey guys, can you guys help isolate this noise for me? what it is and solutions? thanks a lot.

2005 Pontiac G6 GT, 53000 miles. It happens all the time and it had been running about an hour when that was recorded.

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It sounds to me like "piston slap" or your main bearings are shot.....If its the bearings, it gonna cost you big!......SORRY! So hopefuly its not the bearings. And "piston slap" is very common for GM engines.

Have you been check your oil regularly? Have you missed any oil changes or running low on oil?

Other then the knocking, I can't hear any other noises that you maybe talking about.....

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It sounds like (not looking at the clip but listening) the power steering pump.
But, thats just my 2 bits.
I'm guessing that the noise is proportional to the RPMs?

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Man.. I don't know. That does sound bad though.

There was a TSB on some G6's for the harmonic balancer. apparently some were not seated properly.

May want to check that make sure its not coming loose. That will mess up your main bearings.

There are some other TSB's for noise.

Incorrect oil filter that cause damage to engine such as bearing failure.

Belt tensioner, this is common.

Intake air valve, this is common. Happen to me but it was only at idle when engine is warm.

Piston slap that was mentioned before but that is common when engine is cold. usually goes away when at temperature.

Other common things..

Low or no oil.

Spun rod or main bearing.

To me it sounds allot like the intake air valve like I had in my car. The sound did go away when RPM increased.

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Do this,, Take the belt off.. start the car and run it for a few seconds to see if the sound is still there. If not then you have something running off the belt that is bad. If still there, you have something in the motor or tranny that is bad.
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