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Car battery

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Lately my car doesnt always start right up and kind of struggles to start up.
Also my stereo takes 5-20 seconds to power on after the car starts..
Is my battery starting to go bad, is it just the cold..?

Any ideas?
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Does it do this all the time or only when its a cold start?
Doesnt only happened from a cold start.
But then again it only happens one out of every 5 starts...
Well your battery is getting to be five years old (most GOOD batteries last about that long), so it is probably on its way out. You can have it tested, but if you are not leaving anything drain your battery (lights on or something pluged in your power port) then the cold weather is just a sign that your battery is losing its cold cranking ampreage and I would replace it before it did not start giving you a bad day!
plus low battery power puts a damper on your starter and your alternator...
I would replace it before it did not start giving you a bad day!
yea, a bad battery can give you a bad day in the driveway or a really bad day away from home. (5 years, you've gotten your money's worth.)
recently changed my battery & the starts have been alot better. I had the same with rough starts. You should change it out sounds like its time ne ways
I recommend and suggest you to change your battery and always use dry battery for your car.
Thanks for the tips :confused: lol

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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