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Hello, I've had a 2009 pontiac g6 as a secondary vehicle for about 3 years now. In august, I was attempting to install a new bluetooth radio (had already researched its compatibility with the vehicle) and forgotten to order an aftermarket wiring harness, unwilling to deal with COVID delivery all over again. I got a diagram for the radio wiring and attempted to hotwire it. After doing so the radio cut on for a short while, after turning the key in the ignition the car would not start. The lights on the dash and overhead would flicker but i wouldn't hear the starter, but the headlights work so it wasn't the battery. After about 5 minutes of doing so i checked the fuseboxes for any blown fuses and turned the key one last time and it snapped. It is now December and I am finally getting around to fixing this nightmare. I called a locksmith and got the key removed and a new one made, now I am trying to figure out what to do next as I am looking for the fastest and cost efficient way to fix this issue. I was told it could be the wiring from the ignition switch from the automotive locksmith, or from the internet it could be my ignition switch. Any information helps!
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