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Cargo Net Retainer

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After my wreck, which demolished the entire trunk area, I have found that the cargo net retainers keep popping off. Specifically just the ones off of a single post keep coming off. Every time it breaks, I take it back to the dealership (or I have them "fix" it while I'm there already, it's not worth a trip for one little plastic part). I've gone through 3 of these things for this one post- every time I get home or to the grocery store to use the cargo net, I notice that it's STILL broken- it's loose and comes right off.

Does anyone else find that theirs keep coming off?? I'm thinking that it's a screw-on deal but maybe they're trying to force it on- thereby stripping the threads. Or maybe it's a retainer designed for a different car with a slightly different design but it just looks the same. Still, they should have noticed just by looking at it (like I did) that it clearly wasn't on there right. I'm about to just get some Gorilla glue and glue it on. Brian, my friendly customer-consultant at the dealership, is going to be surprised when I come back and it's the same stupid cargo net retainer that's broken lol Anyway, there's some parts they had to order for my car so I'll probably be back in there next week. It seems like there's always some little thing wrong with this car at all times. Thank God, again, that I have the CPO warranty, or else I would be S.O.L.!

here's the link to the part I'm talking about, in case you have no idea:

It's been over month since my accident, i've been in there a gazillion times, and they haven't been able to get this one little piece of plastic right! Next time, I'm going to be sure to check the darn thing before I drive off!!
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Get some JBL cold weld on that or something. That will easily fix your problem.
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