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I am new to the site. My name is Dave and I am from Rochester, NY. I just purchased a 2006 G6 GT coupe.

I have two questions about the G6. I did a search and found the answer to one question but couldnt find an answer to my second.

The first one is about the trunk liners. I see there are aftermarket liners. My question is are these liners rigid enough or heavy enough to flatten out the fiber board spare tire lid? mine is slightly warped so it doesnt lay completely flat.

Are the aftermarket liners strong enough to support weight or are they designed to go over the existing spare tire well cover?

My other question is about the cargo nets. The previous owner removed the cargo nets from my vehicle. I have looked around but I cannot find a set for a 2006, at least at a price I want to pay. Is there a difference between the cargo nets used on a 2006 and newer years 2008-09?

Thank you.


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If all else fails...you could make them. XD

I only say that because I did just that for my 07 sedan. Just grabbed some nylon chord that I had layin' around and tied it into a net that stretches across the little pegs in the trunk. Although...buying would be recommended if you don't want it to look like crap. But hey, form follows function IMO.
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