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What a Great Car and Like they say "Drivers don't pick their cars"
"The Cars pick their Drivers"
So this is a unique and special group and I'm glad to be a part of it. Just bought my G6 a month ago traded a beautiful 2002 LIncoln Conti in on it and never regretted it! I drove to the dealer on a Sunday saw a Midnight Blue GT with 18teens on it and knew it was the one! Wouldn't be fun if all decisions could be this easy!
Anyways look forward to any good suggestions on Air Box Mods. Paint Upkeep and Exhaust Mods anything you can think of to make better fuel economy/ and power. Not into hardcore street racing per say but for some reason everyone wants a piece of this car when I'm on the road... crazy!
I'm sure you see it too.
Anyway Safe and Smart Driving to all!
Look forward to talking to many of you!
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