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Subtle_Cynicism said:
Pontiac's doing well, but they're going to have to convince me a little more with the GTP over the Mazda 6.

I hear the Mazda6 is just a great car.
Well for 1, Pontiac will give you a better deal with all the rebates/incentives.
2, I had a friend who worked for a Mazda dealer and he had nothing but bad things to tell me about the 6.

Which brings me to the cars I was considering before I got the G6:

Mazda6s - love the looks of it. Test drove the manu-matic, was very nice to drive, great interior, no rebates and $27K sticker.

Cobalt SS - too "boy racer" for me.

Stratus R/T - could not find a 5spd manual anywhere.

I obviously got the G6 and it had to be a 6spd so I got the GTP and a Sedan cuz I don't really like the looks of the Coupe rear.

I went from a 2003 Accord EX V6 Coupe AT...quite a difference, however I am impressed with the quality from Pontiac this time around with the G6.
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