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No comparison.

Unfortunately, I didn't compare my G6 with anything else. It was the right sized car, with the right price (*No down payment and low financing along with $2500 rebates and options). This made it a no-brainer for me given my current financial situation. Under $300/month and I am driving a 2005 model car that uses regular gas frugally, has a 200 hp V-6 and nice features.

Not too shabby.

Cars if I had the money I would like to have compared it with the following cars:

Pontiac Grand Prix (g6 big brother)
Chevy Impala
Dodge Intrepid
2004 Chrysler 300 M

Honda Accord V-6
Nissan Maxima
Nissan Altima V-6
Toyota Camry V-6
Mazda 6
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