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CDs won't load

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As I was driving my 2005 G6 one night, I got a message on my radio that said CD Changer Error and then ejected each of the 6 CDs. Now when I try to load a CD into it, it takes the CD almost all the way in but then ejects it about a quarter inch, then takes it back in and back out and back in and back out until it spits it all the way out and reads "Remove Disc". I haven't come across this error anywhere in my searching and I'm wondering if anyone can explain to me hwo to fix it! I'm really getting sick of listening to the radio.

Jeff °o°
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For some reason the G6's 6disc cd changer is CRAP!! there have been multiple people that complain about it. From eating CDs to not loading to straight up hearing all sorts of noises. I swapped out my single disc with a multi disc and after a while the cd changer started scratching the hell outta my CDs!!! So I quickly swapped back to a single and now Im happy again. Now keep in mind that there are some that have no problems at all, but the majority do.

So if you want to listen to your CDs just swap to a single disc...
Is that an easy fix that won't mess with my DIC? I loved my stereo until it malfunctioned. I don't want to mess up the display or anything. I would be able to live without my CDs if there was a way I could listen to my iPod thru the car stereo, but all the ways of doing that also seem kinda ghetto-rigged.
Swapping to a single disc wont mess with your DIC, but you will have to take it to a dealership in order to program the single player with your vin#. Install the new player and drive to the dealership and say that you replaced your battery and now you DIC says "Locked." ha ha ha it worked for me and they did mine for free...

The people that installed the auxiliary port, tho ghetto fabulous, it does work.
There is nothing ghetto about the DIY Aux in mod. It is as ghetto in proportion to how much work you put into the mod.
Thanks for the tips, everyone! I wish there was a solution more along the lines of "Hold the power button while you press eject" or something like that, but I'm definitely going to head in the directions you've pointed me. Thanks!!
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