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Center Console Rattling Problem

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I have a 2006 G6, it's 10,000 miles out of its warranty and recently I have been hearing a rattling sound in or near my center console. I hear it when I accelerate and decelerate. Sometimes when I take sharp turns it sounds like something is rolling. It's been driving me crazy. My husband and I took the console off today and he drove around with it off. The noise was louder, but he was still unable to pinpoint exactly where it is coming from. I've been searching for answers but haven't found anything yet. I'm hoping that someone on here can help me. Thank you in advance!
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I wish it were that simple. I took everything out of the center console, glove box, back seat... anywhere I could have put something that was rattling around. Nothing. After my post yesterday, my husband found a great design flaw (go figure for a Pontiac, lol). When we were putting the console back together, I dropped a screw down the side of the passenger seat. As he was digging around for it, he found a spot where the carpet in the back seat stops underneath the seat and basically turns into a great spot to catch fallen stuff. There was a battery and all sorts of nasty crap from the previous owner and their kids. We hoped that the battery was the thing making the noise... wasn't. We dug around as much as we could reach, but it is still rattling. So frustrating... we're thinking it is another object that was dropped and is rolling, or it's something that came loose under the carpeting. Either way... we now need to know how to get to it. It's going to drive me crazy otherwise.

Soooo... anyone know if it's easy to take the seats out of a G6? lol.
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Yeah, I took out everything.

Took everything out of the console, door pockets, glove box, everything.

I think we checked the spare to see if anything could be rattling around in there... but it sounds like it's coming from inside.

We've narrowed the noise down to something around the center console/under the seats. It got louder once we took the console completely out of the car and drove around with it. The problem is just figuring out exactly where the hell it's coming from lol. We're thinking maybe a screw came loose or something under the carpet and we can't quite get to it. Do you know of an easy way to get under the carpet near the seats?
It sounds like it will be a pain in the ass to take the seats out... and I know the heat shields have problems sometimes. I had a 2000 Grand Am before this, and I think something came loose on that at one point, lol.

I'm disappointed this car is getting louder... there's something rattling around near the moonroof cover now... but this rattle near the console is the biggest problem.

Thank you for the advice! Hopefully I can get it up on a lift this weekend.

If we ever figure it out, I'll have to let you know!
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