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"Changer Parked" message

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I have a 2007 Pontiac G6 convertible, and I had the battery die (external lights left on). After jumping the car, I have had the words "changer parked" pop up on the radio when I unlock the car and open the door, prior to putting the key in the ignition to start it. What does that mean? How do I get the words off the radio (reset the message)? It disappears after about 5 seconds.
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I have the same problem

I have a new G6 Convertible that I bought in February. I never have left the lights on in my car because they are all automatic. My battery died 2 weeks ago, I was very upset because it happened only after a short time and now this light comes on. I called the dealer today to ask them about it and they thought I was crazy! They said they had never had that problem before but said I could take it to them on Monday and they would look at it. If you have figured the problem out by now let me know. If not, I can let you know what they tell me then.
Changer parked

Took my car to the dealer on Monday. They ran some test and came up with the conclusion that it must be due to changing the battery (really you think). So they said maybe the computer has not recognised the change and it should go off in a few weeks. My battery got changed a MONTH ago and you say it has not been recognised?! So basically, they just didn't want to admit that they had NO CLUE and gave me a random answer. They said if it is not off next month bring it back.
I don't have a CD (I only use my iPod) I will have to find one. So it's the CD player now? Do you know if that was covered under the warrenty?
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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