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"Changer Parked" message

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I have a 2007 Pontiac G6 convertible, and I had the battery die (external lights left on). After jumping the car, I have had the words "changer parked" pop up on the radio when I unlock the car and open the door, prior to putting the key in the ignition to start it. What does that mean? How do I get the words off the radio (reset the message)? It disappears after about 5 seconds.
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i have a 2007 pontiac g6 convertible and was searching around and noticed your post from a few years ago. My car battery has been dying on me lately and also have noticed that changer parked light being on. could that possible be the source of my battery problem. today after getting the battery charged again, I removed all the cds from the player and noticed the light was no longer on. wondering if that solved the battery problem.
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