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Changing Security mode

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I am having a problem with my security system on my 07 G6. It is arming itself when the car is unlocked. When i shut off the car and open the door it chimes at me three times and the security light flashes, then when i close the door the security arms after 30 seconds or so. i have read on some other forums on that you can switch the security modes from passive to RKE. I was wondering how to do that.
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sounds like your trying to change the delay lock...here is a quote out of the owners manual:

DELAY LOCK: The delayed locking option, which
delays the actual locking of the vehicle, can be
enabled or disabled. When DELAY LOCK appears
on the display, press the enter button to move
between OFF and ON. When you have made your
choice, press the MENU button to record your
selection. The initial setting from the factory is ON
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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