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Changing Stock Deck

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This is my first post on this site but I've been registered for a while, just haven't remembered to log on lately.

Anyways I am thinking about installing a new DVD deck(single DIN) in my G6. It has a Monsoon System in it and the G6 is a 2006 GTP 2 door. A couple of questions about this.

First, what are good installation kits to install the deck with while keeping the fuctions such as avg MPG, oil life, etc.

Second, I've been told that in order for me to install an aftermarket deck I need to bypass my factory amp and hook the speakers up direct to the deck. Is this true or can I just install the aftermarket deck without any conflict with the factory amp.

Any help is appreciated.


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To install an aftermarket deck, you need either the Metra Turbo2 dash kit or the Scosche GM LAN kit. Both come with the required wiring harness, and you do not need to modify any stock wiring...just solder the wires from the harness that comes with the dash kit to the wires on the back of the new deck.
Ok That's all I needed to know.

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