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okay, so after needing my shift solenoid changed and not having 600-1000 bucks to get it changed i decided to do it myself, however after searching the internet for hours on end looking for instructions on how to do it or even a diagram, i finally came across one good picture to help me with the repair, so im sharing my knowledge so that you wont have to do thru the same crap i did with your fix, congrats you just save ALLOOTTT of money.

1.clear everything off the top of the transmission from under the hood. things like your battery, relays, and intake. youre going to need that area clear so you can see the top of your transmission because thats where youre going to go in to get the solenoids, you will also need to disconnect the shift assembly, the large black triange thing will come up if you pry it with a flat head screwdriver

2. you will need to take off the drivers side tire, rotor, caliper/caliper brace, wheel bearing assembly, tie rod(be careful with that) and strut. you will also need to pull; the CV axle from the side of the transmission to get the front cover off. after you do that un screw all the bolts holding the transmission cover on and viola! the cover should come straight forward. Also there is a silver plate with 4 bolts in it up top attached to the sub frame, you should be able to take that off, it will free up some room to move the front plate of the transmission forward to get to the solenoids, they're right on top

3. if you pull the front cover to the transmission toward you then lift it it should open up wide enough for you to get your hands in there and feel around for a wavy feeling clip thingy, i guess they call these the "U" clips but whatever. dont push them in you will be at it all night lol keep a flathead screw driver near you and feel around for a gap in the wavy this and pry it outward, be careful though, it will pop out on you , replace the old one with the new one(personally, mines was burnt up and melted, idk why GM chose to put plastic parts in an environment that gets constantly hot but oh well)

4 put everything back EXACTLY as you took it down and make sure to reconnect the computer BEFORE you reconnect the battery and fusebox YOU WILL FRY YOUR COMPUTER

happy driving
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