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Check Gas Cap Warning ?

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I Keep Getting A "check Gas Cap " Warning. I Keep Checking It , It Seems To Be On Correctly. Now Today I Have The Same Message And Also My Engine Light Is Now On.any Help Would Be Appreiciated.

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Swing by an Auto Zone or someplace to download the code to see whats going on.
I believe that the engine light goes off once after you keep getting the check gas cap warning so many times.
Yes. I believe they are related. Like pooners said, go to autozone.

Chances are you have a bad gas cap?... Or are losing pressure somewhere.
I had this happen today as well. Cap on correctly, no CEL yet. 08 G6 2.4
Check Gas cap

I've got an 06 G6 GT with almost 120k miles on it. "Check Gas Cap" started a few months ago. I finally bought a new gas cap at Auto Zone and I thought I fixed the problem. My husband started driving it and said he never saw the warning again. But of course, the first time I drive it after the new gas cap, it dings and shows "Check Gas Cap" again... and... drum roll... Then I got the dreaded check engine light! Checked the code on that at home and it was PO455.
I took it in. It's been at AAMCO since Monday. They said it was throwing 4 codes. They are charging me $400 to run diagnostics on all four codes. It's now Friday and I still don't know what is wrong with it. I think my AAMCO is under new management and they are probably screwing me. The only reason I took it there is because I had a similar issue with a different automobile about two months ago, and they had awesome service and went out of their way to help me and to not screw me. So, I am probably very, very screwed right now.
I have done every scheduled maintenance on this car (and then some). Besides putting four or five sets of rotors and 6-8 sets of brakes on this thing, and constantly having to get it aligned and balanced, I really haven't had any "system" trouble with it. It got new spark plugs and lots of new goodies, and it recently passed its smog check.
So... This sucks, and it's quite surprising, since it got a clean bill of health on it only a few months ago.
Anyway, I'll let you all know what they find.
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$400....yeow. I have a code checker and you can google the codes.
Auto Zone and a few other places will get the codes for you for free.
Please don't post the same problem in multiple old threads. It is always best to start a new thread with your new issue.

Let us know what codes they say they found.

The "Check Gas Cap" message means that the evap system won't hold a vacuum. An evap system smoke test is usually needed to find the breach.
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