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Konig combines over fifteen years' experience with track-tested innovation to create the industry's most coveted wheels. Sought by professionals for their superb quality and craftsmanship, recognized by enthusiasts for their great value and admired by all for their styling, Konig wheels are one of today's most popular brands. Discount Tire offers Konig wheel styles at value prices. Give us a call on the entire line of accessories. You will find that many of the styles have a very wide size range so you can tailor the wheel selection to fit your budget and size preference.

Click here for: Sizes, Specs, Price and Availability on the Konig Illusion


*Black/Ball Cut Machined (BCM)
*Black/Ball Cut Blue (BCB)
*Black/Ball Cut Red (BCR)


15X6.5 4X100 38BCM - 16.3lb
15X6.5 5X114.3 38BCM - 16.3lbs
17X7 4X100 40BCM - 20.3lbs
17X7 5X100 40BCB - 20.3lbs
17X7 5X100 40BCM - 20.3lbs
17X7 5X100 40BCR - 20.3lbs
17X7 5X110 40BCM - 20.3lbs - only available size for the G6
17X7 5X114.3 40BCB - 20.3lbs
17X7 5X114.3 40BCM - 20.3lbs
17X7 5X114.3 40BCR - 20.3lbs
18X8 5X100 35BCB - 24.2lbs
18X8 5X100 35BCM - 24.2lbs
18X8 5X100 35BCR - 24.2lbs
18X8 5X112 45BCM - 24.2lbs
18X8 5X114.3 35BCM - 24.2lbs
18X8 5X114.3 45BCB - 24.2lbs
18X8 5X114.3 45BCM - 24.2lbs
18X8 5X114.3 45BCR - 24.2lbs
19X8 5X100 35BCM - 26.8lbs
19X8 5X112 35BCM - 26.8lbs
19X8 5X112 45BCM - 26.8lbs
19X8 5X114.3 35BCM - 26.8lbs
19X8 5X114.3 45BCM - 26.8lbs


*3 unique finishes
*TPMS Friendly means any OE or after-market tire pressure monitoring sensors will fit.
*Excellent brake caliper clearance eliminates the worry of wheels not fitting.
*Conical seat lug-holes match our Gorilla lug nuts.
*Single drill bolt pattern for that extra clean look


*Lifetime warranty on workmanship and material defects
*One-year warranty on finish defects
*15" 1364lbs max load rating
*17" - 19" 1521lbs max load rating


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