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Chicagoland Area meat (August)

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Chicagoland Area meet (August)

Hello chi-town and anyone in the area some of us are planing on a meet on the 13th of august or 19th most likely it will be on the 13th.

It will be at the streets of woodfield in schamburg there are at least 7 people going at this point, this is a great way to meet fellow 6ers and maybe get some tips or help on mod ideas! If any one at all wants to come please post here.

We have people from chicago and i believe south-west of the city,.. I am from algonquin it is about a 30-45 min ride down :D

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Chicago area meet

Just having a little fun Daniel but what kind of 'meat' is Chigaco meat and why is this topic being mentioned in connection with G6's?
LOL,. ...I fixed it figures i would spell that incorrectly!
The wife and I can probably make it on the 13th. What exactly is/are "the streets of Woodfield" is that the mall? Tell me more about it.
It is across the street from the mall, it used to be the one schamburg place now,..It has Game works, lowes theatre,chipotle, and a starbucks. So there is a lot of stuff to do around there.
Here is a picture of streets:

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Here is a map from map quest :D so you can get a better idea of where it is exactly. It is where the red star is.

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Ok so the 13th we are all meeting at the Streets of woodfield at noon and getting some lunch then we will all drive up to the Kane county fair grounds for the GTO meeting.
If u are interested please feel free to post.
MODS you can lock this thread We already had the meeting. Thanks.
P.m. for any questions about it, I will start a new thread for the next meeting.
LOL what are the odds!
I havent been here in a while and posted this thread over 2 years ago and the day it gets a post im back?
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