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Remodeling comes in all shapes, sizes, and degrees. It can be as little as painting a wall to changing the entire floor plan. Once your desired project enters the realms of construction and architecture it’s a good idea to get some experts to lend a hand. A General Contractor is someone who “assembles, manages, and directs a team of subcontractors and coordinates and warranties their work on the construction of the home. [They] are experts in the cost, logistics, and methods of building.”

Small number of complaints filed

Since the contractor you choose will have such important work to do, you’ll want to be sure to hire the right one the first time. One worry homeowners have is fueled by horror stories of contractors who disappear in the middle of the job, leaving the house a mess. Others hear about sloppy construction or hidden fees that balloon the cost of remodeling. These worries goaded 2 million people into inquiring about contractors through the Better Business Bureau in 2012. However, in the same year just 5,355 complaints were filed, which is a miniscule amount compared to the number of renovations completed.

Select the right kind

However, there might be varying degrees of quality within reputable contractors and with the housing industry improving, there is a plethora of contractors to choose from. First, you’ll want to decide what type of project you want to complete and then pair that with the year your home was built. Some contractors specialize in restoring early 20th century homes, while others have certifications to work with asbestos and lead-based paint found in homes built before the 1970s. Also, remember that there’s a difference between new construction and remodeling. A contractor who’s a genius at building and framing a new house may not be so good and dealing with the jigsaw puzzle remodeling can be.

Get friend recommendations

Another factor to keep in mind is the old maxim, “You get what you pay for.” Even if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll still want to think twice before going with the lowest bid for your projected project. Contractors who charge less may not do as good of a job or be as experienced. Instead of basing your decision on price alone, get recommendations from friends who have dealt with contractors recently. People can also leave testimonials of businesses on Google and these testimonials are free for the public to peruse.

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Source: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865581338/Finding-the-best-remodeling-contractors-for-your-project.html
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