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I have seen some G6's recently that have a chrome trim piece located around the fog lights and also the grille inserts look deeper with a wider chrome rim. Are these accessories or are these part of the '08 model package perhaps ? Wonder if they will fit my '06.

Thanks !

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I have seen them too, I think they are after market items. I would like to see a white G6 with the chrome before I buy. If I find them I'll let you know where I looked.

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lower grill trim

I have them on my car, I added them. There is another thread with pics of mine, just do a search for "lower grill covers installed". I think they are a definite improvement. I got them from GMPartsdirect but you can also find them on www.pfyc.com

Good luck!

Here are the part numbers again from another thread

Grille Lower Recessed:
Black 19156183
Blue 19156184
Bright Chrome 19156185
Primed 19156186
red 19156182

Grille upper recessed
Black 19158208
Blue 19158209
bright chrome 17802610
primed 19158210
red 19158207

Grille insert body color
Black 19155125
primed 19155128
red 19155124
silver 19155126

Ground Effects Package
Black GTP 12499830
Black SE,SE1 12499412
Primed GTP 12499827
Primed SE,SE1 12499409
Red GTP 12499829
Red SE,SE1 12499411
Silver GTP 12499831
Silver SE, SE1 12499413
White GTP 12499828
White SE,SE1 12499410

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I was just looking on the site, and saw that there is a 4 piece set. Is this for the upper and lower grille? I like the look of the chrome with silver (my G6 is silver), and I've been looking at some appearance mods.

I like the look of both the top and bottom, but if I pay $160 for just the top, that would be kind of messed up.

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Confirm those numbers people....cause the blue is wrong.
Especially if you order from gmpartsdirect cause they are asssholes that
have ZERO customer service and that little screen of rules you have to click
to order says no returns....SO BEWARE!!

I recommend contacting your local Pontiac Stealership parts dept to verify.
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