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clock keeps resetting itself!

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Has anyone had this issue? In the month I've had my 06, the clock has reset to 12:00AM 3 different times! Its frustrating!
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I own an '05, and the clock sometimes randomly resets itself 6 hours ahead or behind. Depending on what mood it's in.
Strange too see this thread. I've had my car for over two years and this happened to me for the first time, last week. I didn't take it as an issue. Now I do. I'd also be interested to know what causes the problem.
I've got an '07 GT and it's happened 3 times.
hows your battery?
A few weeks ago, this happened to me a few times within a few days, then the next day, car wouldn't start. I got a jump start and no problems since then.
hows your battery?

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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