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My 2006 4 Dr sedan does the same thing. Put it in the shop several times because of it and found out these cars have a steering column that's made to collapse in a head on collision and the mechanics said it's a flaw in the design but no harm from it and no need to fix it because it's a flaw when they made it. So hope that helps
i have the same issue but mine is a sedan. i haven't done much research on it though.

I think mine has the issue with the steering shaft. sometimes i hear it and sometimes i don't. I will describe the issue and would really appreciate your input.

at almost any speed it makes a clunking sound i can feel in the steering wheel. it only seems to be the drivers wheel. i have checked the wheel bearing and the tie rods seem to be tight. it turns into a vibration with freeway speeds. i don't know what other details would help but does this sound like the steering shaft or whatever you were talking about?

as for the clunking over bumps. it is probably just a strut issue
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