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Cluster Light Specifics

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I finally decided I am going to go ahead and pull out the cluster and change out the lights from red to a blue, but being the perfectionist that I am, I have a few questions that I just can't find the answers for. I have have hours and hours of time under the soldering iron so I'm not worried about that aspect but rather the hardware involved.
I am wanting to change the red lights to blue, but preferably the same blue as the high beam light, try to keep that 'seamless factory feel' but I can not find the code for the lights that are used! I think it may be easier to find (read on a write up to find 1206 LEDS and it comes up with strip lights) although I am wondering that they are different bulbs all together (Aside from the color) but as of right now, I'm stuck.

As always, thanks again everyone
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I have an 2007 Pontiac g6 I removed the instrument cluster to do some work on it like remove the tape covering the check engine lite and when I put it back In the speedo and rpm stay at zero
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