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Cold Air Intake Question

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im thinking of purchasing a cold air intake but dont want to spent alot of money i have a pretty good amount of resorces for fabricating my own parts and im asking this question because i actually havent had the time to tear a part my intake but i was wondering how does the cold air intake pipes connect to the mass air flow sensor with the one side of it being bolted on ive looked at pictures but cant get a real good view of how they do it
so if anyone could help me i would like that very much
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Which engine do you have? Awww nevermind. I cant tell you my secrets!! lol
thats cool man i kinda figured you wouldnt tell me but i did know you would be the one to respond thanks anyways though
You didnt say which engine you have....
well its a 2006 g6 with the 3.5 i know there are 2 different types but i dont know how to tell
Well the second type didnt kick in till 2007. ;)

You have the LX9. You can put a nice intake on that.
thanks man im really thinking of getting the option 1 from crab intakes i just like trying to build my own stuff but sometimes you just cant, just got all my exhaust parts today completly custom got all the parts threw my work and i think it should sound pretty badass and i only got 200 bucks into it, thinking of painting it black with some header paint to just make it look a little different with stainless steel hardware and chrome tips plus it will stay cleaner that way
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