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I have a 2006 G6 GTP (hard top convertable) with 56k miles, and have been extremely happy with it until my most recent string of issues.

It started this morning, my wife was driving the car, and all at once had the following happen:
the gages all dropped to zero
the center console went out (would not show data, I don't know whether the backlight was on)
as she started to pull over, the power steering and power breaks also went out.

This whole time there was no brown-out in the headlights or inside lights that would indicate battery/alternator issues.

She then turned the car off, and then back on, and pulled back onto the road.

At this point, she was unable to accelerate quickly (she said it felt sluggish) and was also shifting very hard.

We took the car directly to a local independent garage, that we have had a good relationship with, and has a good reputation locally. They kept it for the day and was unable to find any issues with the transmission, engine, serpentine belt, or anything they could think to check. I also understand that they did not read any error codes being thrown by the computer.

I've seen a few posts here and elsewhere that suggested that there may be a firmware update for the computer that may fix some other issues, but I've not seen anyone with any of the specific issues I'd come across to this point.

I call a local dealer, and schedule an appointment to bring the car in to have them check out the computer. (this is scheduled for 10/10/2008)

At this point, I go to pick up the car, and see that the window is down. I go inside to talk to the mechanic, and find out that he had had an odd issue where the window kept going down whenever he opened the door.

This was extremely odd. From what I can tell, here is the behavior:

If the driver side door is closed, opening it will cause the window to go down all of the way. you can then turn the car on, and roll the window up.
Closing the door once it's up does not allow the window to seal properly.
Rolling up the window once the door is closed seems to work fine (but this is not possible if you want to get out of the car)
The mechanic claimed that unlocking the car also caused the window to go down, but I did not witness it, nor could we reproduce it.

On the passenger side, it nearly worked as expected, except that the window will not go up once you close the door (the window goes down about an inch; this is expected behavior. Closing the door should roll the window back up in order to create a proper seal)

If anyone has had this issue, let me know. If we are the first, then be forewarned. I'll post the final resolution (if we get one)

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dang that sucks real bad ... sorry to hear it ...

also is that a coupe? that might explain the window going down because every time you open the door on the coupe models the computer rolls the window down a little bit enough for it to open without damaging the glass ... do you have a sun roof? there's a known issue with the coupe sunroofs leaking on the back seat ... to me it sounds like there is a shortage somewhere in the system that only a proffessional would be able to find ... and i've been on here for a while and i've never seen a issue like this

hope you get it resolved and please keep us updated

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Sounds like ghosts to me man! Pre-Halloween ghosts! Hahhahaah, just kidding.

I agree that it must be a computer issue; there really is no other explanation if your power system didn't fluctuate at any time of the incident - if it was a short or bad wiring (or excessive corrsion) it would have effected the lights and such.
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