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hey ya'll it's been a while since I've been on here and so far just had to replace one lower ball joint assembly on 2006 G6 GT and now the other side needs replacing...

My question.
I have condensation in one of my headlight assembly and i like to know if it's worth replacing or fix.Could it be that there is a drainage plug plugged up or is there an easy fix.... i like to know how to take apart the plastic cover off of the headlight assembly because i have condensation in there and i like to fix it.
I know how to take it off the car but to apart the lens is what i'm after.

has any body had this problem before and is there and easy fix....
great forum by the way....and still love my GT...

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This topic seems to come up almost every month. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding it. Park it in the sun or run it with the headlights on & the resulting heat will re-vaporize the condensate & it'll be forced out the vent hole on the back of the housing. In the photo, the vent is above the hand & it's covered by a tyvek-like fabric to keep out water in it's liquid form but allow water vapor to pass in either direction through the membrane:



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You can remove the headlight and open up the back bulb access cap
and set it in the sun. It will then evap out. There are two screws holding
each headlight in. There is also a pin that holds it in place so you have to angle them out by pulling forward and moving them toward the middle of the bumper.
That is best accomplished by removing the push pins across the top "radiator cover"
so that you can pull forward on the front fascia cover.
That will give you more room to get the headlight out.

Most tape up the bumper under the headlight to prevent it from scratching the paint if
it scrapes across it during removal.

Evaporating it out wont fix the root cause but it will dry out the interior of the headlight.

2005 & 2006 models can indeed be popped open but most are unsuccessful
in resealing them. 07+ models have a different sealant and cant be opened.
Most cook their headlights in the oven to soften the sealant then use a pry tool
to separate them. Dont ask me about oven temps etc cause ive never done it and
would probably melt it! ha haa

I would recommend getting new aftermarket headlights. I have been very happy
with my eagle eye projectors.
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