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Greetings again!

So I just installed a red apc intake filter on my red G6, which looks amazing...
With that in mind, I have a red G6, red filter, red interior (factory) lighting, and the red factory badges.

I want to spice it up though, make it stand out, I am interested in purchasing the vinyl badge over lays. Should I go red on white? Red on black? Vice versa?
I would be worried about the red vinyl not matching my paint and it end up looking like a wierd shade in comparison. Anybody purchased red vinyl overlays? With a red G6? Thanks in advance, you guys have been awesome with all the help already, what a great forum to be a part of!
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I think red and black look awesome together. Thats my opinion
Im guessing a red theme? Its already red in your darts. lol
Lol true, but I want it to be a little different. The one website I found on the forum has two toned overlays. I'm thinking red outline with black or cf background.
Black with red outline would be kinda cool
yeah the two tone badges sound like the way to go, in my oppinion.
Thanks for the input guys! I really appreciatte it. Red on black it is. I'll post pics once complete.
I wish I had those. Where did you find them Lampoon?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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