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Continental Extreme Contact DWS

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Continental Extreme Contact DWS
UTQG: 540 A A (All Sizes)
50,000 Mile Tread Life Warranty
60 Day Customer Satisfaction Ride Guarantee

Click here for: Sizes, Specs, and Pricing on Continental Extreme Contact DWS

The Extreme Contact DWS features improved grip and braking in both dry and wet conditions with a unique asymmetrical tread design. This tire includes an advanced tread compound for improved traction in all-weather conditions including snow, significantly improved mileage, and an industry leading level of rolling resistance for better fuel economy.


*Enhanced performance in dry conditions
*Improved water evacuation for outstanding wet handling
*Improved snow performance
*Reduced distortion for enhanced energy delivery, lower rolling resistance and improved treadlife.
*Consumer friendly indicators alert drivers to tires performance level in Dry, Wet, and Snow conditions.​

Tread Wear Indicators:

Consumer friendly indicators alert drivers about tire's performance level in Dry, Wet, and Snow conditions.

DW indicates tire is tuned for optimum performance (D for Dry, W for Wet, S for Snow)

When indicators disappear, tire is no longer tuned for optimum performance in that particular road condition.

Dry Performance

ExtremeContact DWS has a unique "chamfered edge" technology for dry performance. This dry road surface technology generates greater acceleration grip, handling and braking traction in dry conditions. Solid outer shoulder and chamfered pattern edges concentrates on a maximum surface contact resulting in increased traction.

Wet Performance

The Continental ExtremeContact DWS has a high void to tread ratio with enhanced groove curvature which improves water evacuation for outstanding wet handling. Void to tread ratio means the amount of void area in the tread vs. the amount of tread pattern making contact with the road surface. This void allows water absorbed into the pattern and then quickly evacuated.

Snow Performance

The Continental ExtremContact DWS has an excellent grip on snow covered roads provided by the extreme number of biting edges and a new feature "Traction Grooves". Continental Tires engineers designed the extreme number of biting teeth inside the grooves. These biting teeth keep the packed snow from sliding though the grooves adding a grip to an area of the tire. This new feature is unique to the Continental ExtremContact DWS.

Dynamic Temperature Distribution

The Continental ExtremeContact DWS has industry leading treadlife combined with lower rolling resistance and improved energy delivery to the road surface. This outstanding combination of traction, long wear and reduced rolling resistance is accomplished through "Dynamic Temperature Distribution".

(content provided by conti-online.com)

If you are running the Continental Extreme Contact DWS, post your review here along with a picture or two - we (as well as Continental) would love to read them.
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I don't know if these tires are even close to the ones that came stock on my G6 but thoses tires were the worst. Is there any sort of comparison between the two?
I don't know if these tires are even close to the ones that came stock on my G6 but thoses tires were the worst. Is there any sort of comparison between the two?
The G6 has a couple different tire models that come stock. I am going to assume yours came with the Touring Contact CV95.

The new Extreme Contact DWS is categorized as an ultra high performance all season tire. The CV95 is a high performance touring tire. The DWS will increase handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions. With the use of new technology, it will also see more life. You should also see an improvment in snow traction as the DWS has a good amount of siping (Traction Grooves) which keeps packed snow from sliding though the grooves.

What were your dislikes with the CV95's?
I'm not sure if I had those or not (senior moments:D) but whatever Continental type I had on the 2007 GT were unbelievably bad when it came to traction esp on a wet road. I used to have my wife drive my Mazda when it was raining because she was scared to death to be on the road with her car tires. Those were normal driving conditions; the performance side of the stock tires was at least as bad. I could smoke the tires from a stop, at first I thought WOW this G6 is one bad ass car but the acceleration was not as impressive as the smoke screen I was leaving behind. Once I replaced the original tires with a well researched brand I was quite pleased with the G6's handling and stopping abilities. I can no longer smoke the tires from a stop either; they grab the road and scat now. One other issue I had may not be due to the tires but I think its worth bringing up; the G6 used to shimmy a bit at 55mph plus. Since I replaced the tires it doesn't shimmy anymore. Just to clear the air to my automotive knowledge I am a DIY guy but I know when I need to have a professional do the work. I keep whatever car(s) I have in the best condition I can.

I'll find out what tire I had then post it here.

This is what I found so far,


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I'm not trying to mess up the Continental name but I am trying to help my fellow G6ers make the right choice when it comes down to safety and expences. If this new tire is good we'll hear about it.
So back to your thread, Is there a comparison to the two tires,
Continental Extreme Contact DWS and CV95?
Thank you for sharing with us.

Forums are a great source of information positive or negative. I personally think the new DWS will do very well and will give models like the F1 A/S and Super Sport A/S a run for their money.

You can't really compare it to the CV95 though since they are in different classes.
Mine had the Continental Contitrack (conticrap) tires. They lasted about 25k miles.

I dont beileve this is the same tire. Tread looks different for one thing.
It's an Ultra High-Performance All-Season class tire, so it's going to be different than Conti's lower class fare.
TireRack's winter testers were amazed by this tire, and it apparently aced wet road tests also. And I'm not talking about buyer reviews which I've practically come to disregard.
It is very new, my shop had to call the supplier because it wasn't in their catalog, that supplier in turn had to call their supplier because it wasn't in their book yet either! I drive mostly on back roads in Minnesota with lots of curves and snow and ice in the winter, so the great winter handling results, both subjective and objective, are terribly attractive.
Tire Rack tests: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tests...&tireModel=ExtremeContact+DWS&tirePageLocQty=

I'm waiting on a price quote since I called too late on Friday for them to get hold of their supplier before close of business.
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