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When I hold down the convertible top button, the reverse trunk operates only and there's this creaky grinding noise. All while doing this both cylinder/ram things squirt out clear-green fluid (comes out right from underneath them, straight down) in intervals. Also, a sound emits comparable to the seat belt warning sound but nothing showing up on the dash.

I opened up the back and saw that the reservoir was completely empty so I ordered the fluid. Also, under the pump there's some dark oil. I checked the hoses and oiled up everything. But now that I know it needs oil I won't be trying it again until I put some in. I'm low on power-steering fluid in the engine bay too.

Does anyone know why they're squirting this stuff out or why the creaky/grinding or warning sounds? Why the oil under the pump? Besides no fluid in the back, what's the next step to get the top operating in this case? What should I replace first? Thanks for your help!

I also ordered new trunk stats because the trunk lid doesn't stay open by itself.
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