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2006 g6 convertible gt 3.5 with chip
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I’ve gotten a lot of questions answered perusing these pages so maybe this will help others.
I stripped out the head of the torx bolt in question trying to remove it for replacing the broken cable (that’s a whole other story). I couldn’t find a part number anywhere so I visited a local dealership open on Saturday and the first problem is the fact that they call the bolt a pin.

“wholesale gm parts online” has a diagram and the part is number 26.
The actual part # is 15815583.
It appears you get 2, one for each side with springs and they are only $35.35 + tax.
Unfortunately if you need the part you have to pay the price. Most dealers will discount the price but you have to watch shipping charges. I just ordered a cable from a dealer for $30.00 including $5 shipping, one of the other dealers I checked wanted almost $19 shipping so check around.

Just google the part number and you will find pictures of the “pin”.
Hope this saves someone else from 6 + hours of searching the internet.
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Full size assembly image of LID/FOLDING TOP STOWAGE COMPARTMENT (1/1)
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