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Convertible windscreen

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Any info...is aftermarket available..saw one on Ebay for 350$..dont feel like spending that much
Does any other vehicle model fit? Thanks
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Anyone have one..want to see pics of how it attaches..and its measurement
GM made one - Click Here
It was made by some company in Germany - a MAJOR PIECE OF JUNK.
I bought it because I though it would look cool as it covered the back seats - but there really isn't a lot of turbulence anyways - the fit was poor - pins that fit into existing holes in the interior panels, and it wasn't any more structurally sound that a screen you place in a doorway to keep a baby or pet separated.
If it was up to $50 I would've kept it but I promptly returned it.

This Ebay Listing is the same piece of junk - do not buy.
For the price and because of your review. I would like to try and make one that fits good. So far I can only green from the internet that it is 25x25x5 folded. I can judge where the holes it is suppose to go in. Does anyone know what type of locking mechanisms are on it?
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