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ragingfish said:
Here's the intake: http://store.racinglab.com/injen-cai-sp7030.html

Can't find any exhaust systems out there though.

FYI, try not to type in all caps, it simulates shouting, and isn't good "netiquette"

"GOOD POINT".....thats why i only 'cap' a word or phrase when i am putting extra EMPHASIS on it........

as for the duals, still looking but i think i just may go to a friend at a local muffler shop and have a 'Y' pipe made. i kinda like the idea of removing the muffler and just running the 'Y' off the resonator to the back with some big chrome tips on them. sounds like a project for this weekend......that is if its not SNOWING or something!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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