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Hello just joined tonight what a wonderful forum to be signed up on.
Hopefully i can get some help with my problem (thermostat replacement)
Location of it and basically how to get to it. Can barely see the bottom hose from the top or bottom of the car to get on the 2 nuts to get it the aluminum piece off to replace it.
Any suggestions or tool to use that would make my life a little easier my hands are too big to get them down there and then be able to see at same time, LOL
So please any help would be great.

Problem that caused the replacement of thermostat is the temp guage inside wouldn't work and then the when it did would would blow alot of hot air.
Check engine light has came on and i have had it reset (error code 128)
So i bought all of the parts that might possibly be it changing 1 at a time starting with thermostat.

Thanks A bunch, Rob
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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