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Hello everyone! After 4 years of renting cars for weekend getaways we finally bought one to call our own. We've tried many makes and models and couldn't seem to find anything that tops the 2005 G6GT so.....we purchased one July 2009.
Anyways......I'm looking at installing the CounterAct Rust Protection system that is available at Canadian Tire. My issue is the installation instructions. Does anyone here have it installed and could I maybe get clearer instructions on the install if anyone does???
Thanks in advance!!:)

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Their website sure is full of a bunch of $5 words, and they are assembled in such a way as to make you think their product is going to do Something Really Special(TM). I'm always leery of sites that are written like that; they use so many impressive words and state the same sentence worded slightly differently over and over again to make you feel like it just HAS to work! And they are also carefully crafted to make you feel like a complete and utter moron to actually doubt that their product works.

In my opinion, and that's all it is, it ranks with the electric turbo charger, fuel line magnets, and the Jet chip. Will it do something? Yeah, probably. Will it do more than make a big hole in your wallet? Probably not much.

Funny that they bash the systems that actually could make a difference; those that use sacrificial metals to replace the ions lost due to the corrosion process.

~ MattInSoCal

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Just get the car undercoated..may cost more but worth it.
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