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Crab Intakes?

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are they good jw cause i have a coi and acording to some ppl on here they said they have had problems with the 1 i got and i havent so i was wondering if the crab was good cause i tryed the site and couldent rly look at the kits
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I say Stay away from Crabs.....cause they itch!!

Go back to the website & Look under the products page.
It shows you the options available with pictures of what it comes with.

Also there is a tab up top that says Gallery. Thats pix of the intakes installed in customers cars.
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There is a "CONTACT US" tab there too.

Where is Merritt Island at?
I dont need one as I already have one on my car.
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oh sweet......I bet thats awesome! Can I come visit????

If you havent already, pull your resonator out of the quarter.*
I can show you a "How To" if you need it.

That will free up the air & lower the temps more.

* I dont recommend this with the stock intake. Leave it in on a stock box. It prevents water ingestion.
Its not needed with the Crab as it has a way for water to escape.
This guy did it the same way I did it:
Clicky here
The FPU removes the stock 90 TBI pinch and the indents on the pipe for things like the dipstick, etc. It replaces it with a true mandrel bent 3" pipe. This frees up 24% more air to the intake. It has been reported that there is an increase in your lower end but I can tell you more easier air to breath = good stuff.

I have it on good authority that the FPU's are back in stock. ;)

But ask the people that have em.....I also recently noticed they have a testimonial page on their website. That looks cool! :rolleyes:
Its an upgrade...you can always try an option 3 then add the other later if you like it....

The only problem is.....I heard.....the FPU has free shipping when purchased in conjunction with the intake. ;)
- no where for water to go since the stock box is contained.

I would leave it on there till you get one of the aftermarket intakes.
Wow...I missed allot in this thread!! Hey Bowlet....Sam makes the GT-R in Dallas!
He also does local pick up.
Yeah..I think Im going on vacation starting tomorrow. lololol
haaaaaa....I never go on vacation.

Stay away from Crabs!!

They itch!

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Westers is in Alberta and they have been tuning G6's for quite awhile.

A search will yield very bad results with the jet. I think there is even a sticky in this folder about it.
Glad I could help. They are in the top 3 IMHO of
G6 tuners.
Move em around a bit and you will see MANY 3.6ers....
The FPU is in very short supply. Less than 10.
Will be a few months before I restock that....

Just an FYI....
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