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Crab Intakes?

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are they good jw cause i have a coi and acording to some ppl on here they said they have had problems with the 1 i got and i havent so i was wondering if the crab was good cause i tryed the site and couldent rly look at the kits
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Just wondering if removing the intake res without having crabs have any added benefits or would it cause problems? Just trying to increase airflow while I save up for my crabs

No added benefits. Only thing it would do is allow your stock filter to get dirtier, quicker. If I'm not mistaken :)
I really want this system. Ughhhh

i just installed the Opt. 3 and FPU about 6 days ago. Huge difference. No "hum," only a louder purr/suck noise when stepping on the gas. Extremely worth the $360. My MPG's have already shot up on my automatic readout by 1.6+(only been 6 days). The FPU is three separate pipes with all fasteners. The FPU allows a better flow and not to mention it just looks bad-ass.
you would get more out of the exhaust, speaking in better performance terms, but the intake not only gave me better mpg, looks, and sound, it also lowered my temp gauge by 5-10 degrees. That's tough to do in texas during the summer! :p

not sure how much shipping would be on that exhaust, send them a message on there website and ask; classic4performance.com/contactus.html

Yes I know bout the GT-R! I actually live in Carrollton ~ the same town his suite on his website is at :p
1 - 5 of 85 Posts
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