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Crab Intakes?

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are they good jw cause i have a coi and acording to some ppl on here they said they have had problems with the 1 i got and i havent so i was wondering if the crab was good cause i tryed the site and couldent rly look at the kits
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If your thinking about getting Crabs, think no more and just BUY!! Best investment into my car so far. Just make sure he sends you the shampoo and little comb in case you ever want to get rid of them!
yeah i had to get a prescription from my doctor since he didnt supply me with mine either
the intake resonater has those 2 bubbles on it, they are used to trap water and big dirt and stuff, so if you take it off, you have no where for all that to go but straight in the filter...so you can use your imagination to figure how dirty it will get faster
1 - 4 of 85 Posts
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