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Crab Intakes?

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are they good jw cause i have a coi and acording to some ppl on here they said they have had problems with the 1 i got and i havent so i was wondering if the crab was good cause i tryed the site and couldent rly look at the kits
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This guy did it the same way I did it:
Clicky here
Just wondering if removing the intake res without having crabs have any added benefits or would it cause problems? Just trying to increase airflow while I save up for my crabs
It will increase airflow. HOWEVER, it will get dirtier faster. But then again, I think most people take it out any way. You will hear a major sound difference between having it out and in too. ;)
Oh nice. How much faster does the filter get dirty with it out?
Before I bought my crabs I removed the intake resonator and it was a bit louder. After about 2 and a 1/2 summer months it was too dirty and the filter needed replacement. That's when i bought my crab.
does the 2.5 summers mean it is a summer car and only lasted like 9 months or does it mean it lasted 2.5 years?
ahh guess i should read better lol
1 - 4 of 85 Posts
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