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Crab Intakes?

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are they good jw cause i have a coi and acording to some ppl on here they said they have had problems with the 1 i got and i havent so i was wondering if the crab was good cause i tryed the site and couldent rly look at the kits
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Lampoon you are indeed the EXHAULTED ONE man you found me a tuner in my home province thankyou thankyou thankyou.
Glad I could help. They are in the top 3 IMHO of
G6 tuners.
Move em around a bit and you will see MANY 3.6ers....
The FPU is in very short supply. Less than 10.
Will be a few months before I restock that....

Just an FYI....
81 - 85 of 85 Posts
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