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Crack head or no?

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Story is this. It was loosing antifreeze with wet floor boards. Replaced heater core. It didnt use a drop for about a week. Now I have the same problem but dry floor boards. Cant see any leaks but today I put 1/2 quart of oil in and almost a gallon of antifreeze. Then I got to looking closer at pics I took of valve cover leak and not sure but this looks like cracked head but would like second opinion. Any help would be appreciated. It is 2008 2.4. This is the wifes car so im not in it all the time but to my knowledge its never gotten hot.
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I do have a few more pics if needed
For the amount you are loosing, I would expect you would be able to spot some steam with a flashlight, especially if you try when it is dark. General problem areas for the 3.5 are the plastic 'T' junction under the coolant expansion tank (sometimes you will see moisture on the transmission / transmission selector). Another is the water pump or the black plastic riser that is on the front left of the engine (look left from the oil filler cap and to the front of the engine from the power steering pump)

Hope this gives additional clues
do you think maybe that is an"ok" crack or should just try and find motor?
do you think maybe that is an"ok" crack or should just try and find motor?
Sorry, I have no real way to tell, it could be on the surface or all the way through. If you see something coming out of what looks like a crack, I would be more worried about it. Thus I thought I would also indicate other common problems as finding and fixing the leak elsewhere might lessen the worries.
So today she drove 32 miles. avg speed 45
1/4 qt oil
1/4 gallon antifreeze
1/8 tank gas
dont know if this helps
Not sure of the conversions right now. Been a long time since had to do this lol.
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