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Cracked body kit, how do I repair?

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First off, I have the Razzi body kit for my g6. http://www.razzi.com/online-catalog/pontiac/g6/ . I also live in the lovely state of Minnesota with all the ice and snow. Recently, my front body kit piece has a crack right underneath the grill where a large chunk of ice was hit. Does anyone know if these are fiberglass or plastic body kits, and how do I repair the crack? Some of the paint around the crack has came off as well. I can post a picture after work if it helps.

Thank you in advance.
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lets see. I believe the Razzi is plastic. yes it can be repaired.
lets see. I believe the Razzi is plastic. yes it can be repaired.
Ok thanks a bunch. Now does anyone know how I go about repairing he crack?
my paint guy used a plastic resin to melt into it then its sanding etc.

Like bondo but its plastic. Ask a body man.
sand down the crack so its like a valley with the crack in the middle of it. Then mix up some glazing putty. put some on so its even with the bumper. sand it. then put more on so its above the height of the bumper, then use 150 grit to get it close. then 220,400,1000 to get get it perfectly smooth. then go to a paint shop and get some touch up paint and your ready to go.
aww i am sorry bud...

when i first saw the title i thought that it was another poorly constructed AIT kit down the drain.... those things break like joan rivers gets Plastic Surgery...
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