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Critique my setup...

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New here-just got the g6 last Tuesday. Thinking about this setup, wondering any ones opinions who've heard the speakers or is familiar with em.

Im not looking for a pounding system, just clean, loud, and true.
Listen to rock/metal and some rap.


Head Unit: Pioneer P3200DVD
Front Speakers: 6.75" Pioneer TS-A702C component system
Rear Speakers: 6"x9" Pioneer TS-A933P

I wanted to stick to one brand, and around a $500 budget (I have found these online for about $488 total
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a buddy of mine has those same exact speakers in his truck, but he has an amp pushing them and they are hella loud and the sound quality is amazing! i'd say go for it.
Thanks for the feedback-im still looking into other companies but these are one looking better and better.
i personally love Pioneer when it comes to everything but subs. Ive put nothing in my cars but Pioneer. I had a deh-p47dh head unit in my grand am and getting ready to put a Pioneer avh-p4200 dvd in my g6. the only thing i can recomend is that you upgrade the 3200 to the 4200. with this you get the full touchscreen and more pre amp outs. I thought about goin with the 3200 and decided against it. is you need a discount i can get you 20 off at crutchfield.
I reaserched for a long time for my speakers and went with the

alpine s series. And love the sound quality i dont even have subs and i can hear them "bump"
Subs are future. But yeah i would amp them even if its only like 70-80 rms itll be plenty thats what mine is and i can only have everything turned half way up. Cause it's to loud.
i havent made the final decision yet-been so busy at work to take the time to get to a local audio dealer here and see what they had. I have done installations myself but as busy as I am now, I may have it professionally installed...
yeah i did it myself Everything is very easy hardest part was getting through the Gromet in the door there is no real way to get through the wire harness youll need to go ontop of it
In my opinion Pioneer is the best value out of all the brands. Has great sound quality even for the cheaper models.

I know this isnt in your price range but this is what i have and i love it:
Head Unit: Pioneer AVH-P5100DVD
Front Speakers: Memphis 6 1/4
Rear Speakers: Memphis 6 x 9

It gives me great crisp sound without the whole car vibrating from the bass.
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